Nursery Outing to Rare Breeds Centre

Nursery had their annual outing to the Rare Breeds Centre on Friday taking the ‘big white coach’ to the centre.   We met sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, lizards and snakes and then after tucking into our packed lunches went to the Mysterious Marsh trail before heading back to the nursery.  

Reception Lab

This week the children have been experimenting in their lab. They have mixed, measured and created some interesting concoctions. The potions ranged from ‘Bubble Gum soup’ to ‘Super Power Exploding potion!’   IMG_8875 IMG_8860 IMG_8862

Fun in the Snow



Nursery were very keen to get out in the snow on Friday. We all donned waterproofs, woolly hats and gloves and enjoyed playing in the garden making our mini snowman.

New Build closely monitored by Nursery


The nursery children have been keeping a close eye on the building work that is taking place at school.   We watched the big crane moving timber today and the children correctly pointed out that ‘the men are all wearing their hard hats to protect their heads’.   We then went for a play on the ‘big field’ using the scramble nets and then decided to roll our way back to the edge of field!

pa120201 pa120204

Pirate Day

Nursery have been having fun in our final week listening to pirate stories, singing our pirate song and making hats, eye patches and telescopes.   A big thank you to Mr Butcher who made our pirate boat – isn’t it fantastic!

Teddies and Nursery Sports Day

The Teddies and Nursery Sports Day took place today.   The weather held and the children all showed off their sporting prowess watched by their parents, grandparents, staff and Reception. 





Reception Trip to Wildwood

We had a wonderful time at Wildwood. On our trail we saw wolves, bears, deer, foxes and an enormous bison! The children then went on a minibeast hunt in two types of habitats and enjoyed the excellent play park. The highlight of course was having a ride on the mini bus and a packed lunch!

IMG 6700 1

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