Early Years (2-5 years)



We have a very friendly team of experienced staff led by Carol Clark who is our Head of Early Years and Nursery. Julie Williamson is in charge of Teddies and provides, with the help of her team of Teaching Assistants, learning opportunities through play and exploration. Throughout the Foundation Stage there has been little turnover of staff over the past few years resulting in a highly experienced and dedicated teaching team. Each child is assigned to a key staff worker but all children are known personally by every member of the team.

The main classroom comprises two well-equipped adjoining rooms. In addition, there is a quiet activity room which also serves as a quiet sleep area for essential afternoon naps (for the children!).

Staff – Pupil ratios: children aged 2 = 1:4; children aged 3 – 5 = 1:8

A Great Place To Grow

In Nursery, we constantly aim to offer outstanding care, by focusing on each child’s individuality and well-being. We support their own natural curiosity, by nurturing their independent and adventurous learning providing a safe, secure, cosy and stimulating environment for them to explore and play. A high adult:child ratio ensures close individual attention and specialist music, games and French lessons provide extra enrichment. Children develop confidence in themselves and confidence in their ability to learn and achieve.

At the end of Nursery, some children move on to local primary schools. However, we encourage all parents to examine the provision in Reception and beyond. Spring Grove offers an outstanding, broad education to all children throughout the school – we give them a great start knowing that they will continue to enjoy their learning experiences throughout their Spring Grove school career and develop each individual child so as to be utterly prepared for the next stage in their learning. Springgrovians unfailingly look back on Spring Grove as a very happy, nurturing and focused environment. The successful recipe begins at Foundation Stage.

In our most recent inspection (May 2012) the provision and outcomes in our Early Years were rated as outstanding. Click here to read the report.