Key Stage 2 (7-11 years)

A-Great-Place-to-Grow-Spring-Grove-School-Wye-Kent-Image-8A traditional prep school education is offered with fine facilities, specialist teaching and extensive co-curricular opportunities, not least in music, art and competitive sport. Academic standards are high. Small classes ensure that children are treated as individuals.

In Prep 3 the move from Pre-Prep to Prep is signified by a change in uniform colour from royal blue to navy blue, sporting fixtures are introduced, science with Mr Smith begins and the children are now allowed to the far side of the field at break times. From year 3 onwards the first earnest steps towards the 11+ preparation begin from which every child, whether they will take the exam or not, will benefit.

In Prep 4, Prep 5 and Prep 6 there is a more formal atmosphere giving the pupils the best opportunity to prepare for 11+ or entry into a senior independent school. Pete Dankert (Head of Maths) and Bonnie Rafferty (Director of Studies and Head of English) oversee an inspirational programme of work for the upper forms that provides essential preparation for all children. Mr Curnow’s Forest School experience is highly popular amongst all children who love to spend their free time exploring the woods.

Added responsibility also helps the children develop leadership skills preparing them for the move to secondary education.

The house system allows all members of the school family to know and respect each other.

The Spring Grove Challenge Award Scheme, which operates in the top two years, is designed to encourage the children to explore breadth in their education: to research widely, to enjoy science, to be involved in the community, to gain performing and creating experience in the arts and, above all, to gain a love of learning in all areas.

Pupils are prepared for life beyond Spring Grove and many move on to grammar schools, local independent or further prep schools in the area.

At all levels our overriding concern is with the development of your children as people. We strive to identify and nurture talent, maintaining the special family atmosphere that prevails in the school.