“The value of English in the curriculum? What can I say? Without English, nothing, and without good English, nothing very well.”    Anne Fine, Children’s Poet Laureate 2001-2003 English is fundamental to every aspect of the curriculum, and at Spring Grove children are given the skills needed to develop their confidence in communicating effectively.  English is taught with rigour and enthusiasm throughout the school, and we aim to develop each individual pupil’s full potential in reading, writing, and speaking and listening. We follow the National Curriculum and pupils are assessed regularly to help ensure progression. Achievement in English is consistently above the national average. Pupils study an engaging and lively range of topics throughout their study of English, including poetry, Shakespeare, writing for different purposes, non-fiction texts and classic as well as contemporary novels and short stories. Due attention is given to spelling and handwriting, with the Nelson Spelling and Handwriting scheme used throughout KS2 in the dedicated weekly spelling lessons. Drama is taught alongside English, with students assisted in their applications for Drama Scholarships should they wish to pursue this further.  Students are also thoroughly prepared for the exigencies of the Kent Test, and we are very proud of our excellent success rate. The well-stocked school library is a favourite for the children, and there is a healthy rivalry in the termly reading and writing competitions. In addition, regular events are organised to help inspire the children further, such as theatre visits, author visits, travelling book fairs, World Book Day events, Readathons, and more!   SPELLINGS
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