Policy Documents

Safeguarding Team:

Spring Grove School is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mrs Rebecca Saxby (01233 812337 / rsaxby@springgroveschool.co.uk)


Mrs Carol Clarke (01233 812337 / cclarke@springgroveschool.co.uk)

Deputy DSL & Headmaster

Mr Bill Jones (01233 812337 / headmaster@springgroveschool.co.uk)


Spring Grove School Policies: 

The following policies, and other Spring Grove School policies, can be obtained by contacting the Bursar, Mrs Sarah Peirce (01233 812337 / bursar@springgroveschool.co.uk).

> Accessibility Plan

> Administration of Medicines (including EYFS)

> Admissions Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy (incorporating EYFS)

> Behaviour Management Policy (including EYFS)

> Child Protection Policy (incorporating EYFS)

Complaints Procedure (incorporating EYFS)

Curriculum Policy (including EYFS)

Discipline and Exclusion Policy

> Extreme Weather Policy (incorporating EYFS)

Equal Opportunities (including EYFS)

Fire Risk Policy

First Aid Policy & Procedures (including EYFS and incorporating the administration of medicines)

Health & Safety Policy (incorporating EYFS)

> Learning Support & SEND Policy

Missing Child Policy (including EYFS)

> Privacy Notice and Annexes

PSHE Policy (including EYFS)

> Supervision of Pupils (including EYFS)

Timings of the School Day


Specific Early Years Policies:

> EYFS Childrens Rights & Entitlements Policy

> EYFS Confidentiality Policy

> EYFS Equipment & Resources

> EYFS Food & Drink Policy

> EYFS The Role of the Key Person

> EYFS Nappy Changing Policy

> EYFS Parental Involvement

> EYFS Procedure for Restraining a Child 

> EYFS Settling in Procedure

> EYFS Staffing & Employment 

> EYFS Student Placement Policy

> EYFS Uncollected Child