We are fortunate to have a PTA that is lots of fun and very hardworking. Their goals are threefold: to raise extra money for the school, to provide social activities for parents to enjoy and to add to the feeling of community.

The PTA ensure there are a number of large and small social gathering each term and work hard to see that the popular yearly events such as the Summer Ball and the Christmas Fayre run smoothly.

They are a friendly bunch and would love you to get involved. If you have any queries or questions please email: 

A message from our Chair: Susie Boyd

“Families, teachers, and staff are the secret to our success here at Spring Grove School.  Whether you are a ‘silent partner’ or a ‘gregarious go-getter’, we need your help to continue our long tradition of fun and fundraising! Please don’t be shy (we don’t bite!) and come along to a meeting or throw caution to the wind and stop me or any of our class reps for a chat about how to get more involved. “



Chair Susie B
Secretary  Ken L
Treasurer Vicky J
Communications Jude M
2nd Hand Uniform Lydia R
SGPTA Summer Ball Alicja S



Teddies Sophia M-J
Nursery Sophia M-J
Reception Sophia M-J
Year 1 Natalie N, Kamila J and Natalie B
Year 2 Jude M and Anneli W
Prep 3C Janette M and Luciana T
Prep 3J Carine B and Beccy S
Prep 4D Vicky D
Prep 4L Odile D and Ken L
Prep 5 Lydia R and Sophie H-S
Prep 6 Alicja S