School Council

The School Council meets every half term and is made up of elected representatives from each class. The Class Reps bring to the meetings ideas they have discussed with their friends and in their classes. Most recently we have implemented a salad bar each lunchtime, hoodies for PE and a Zip Wire as a direct result of the school council. The School Council representatives for 2016 / 2017 are:
  • Year 1:  Poppy Boyd & Ben Pickard
  • Year 2:  Dexter Weir & Rafael Borga
  • Year 3:  Zara Pratt & Dennis Batt
  • Year 4:  Poppy Courtenay-Snipp & Barney Smith
  • Year 5:  Madeleine Delaney & Amelia Street
  • Year 6:  Finn Lord, Curt Curtis, Daisy Morris & Tiana Brown