Year 2

The School Day

We start the school day at 8.30am with one-to-one reading with every child. A typical day consists of numeracy, literacy in the mornings and a mix of science, history or geography topic work in the afternoons and French, PE, ICT, music and art being spread across the week.

We have specialist teachers for PE, music and French offering the children an opportunity to experience expertise in these subjects and different classroom environments.

Topics we cover in Year 2 are Thomas Becket, Island homes, China, Kings and Queens, Rainforests, Ancient Egypt, Electricity, Forces, Materials, Healthy Living and Growing Things.

The school day finishes at 3.20pm and clubs are offered every day from 3.30 – 4.30pm. There are a range of clubs offered, such as computers, ball skills, swimming and art and craft activities.

Homework and Assessment

We send reading books home every evening other than a Thursday when the children take a poem home to read and share with the family. Spellings and Maths homework are sent home every Friday and are differentiated according to ability. In the Autumn and Spring Terms we use a Ros Wilson writing assessment, maths assessment and on-going teacher assessments. In the Summer Term we do informal NFER testing and share the National Curriculum levels and standardised scores achieved from these tests with parents.

Rewards and Stars

The children are rewarded with stars for good work, behaviour and manners and we have a treat at the end of each term for children who have worked well across all these areas. We have a marble jar that acts as a whole class reward and these are given when the class all do something well. The children then choose a reward when the jar is full! We have Golden Time on a Friday afternoon which is made up of fun activities for the children to do.

Assemblies and Trips

Every term each class performs an assembly on Friday morning when parents are welcome to watch and find out all the exciting things that have been happening at school over recent week. The class assemblies are usually based around a topic that is being covered or a story with a moral. We also go on a trip every term and this year we have been to Canterbury Cathedral to find out about Thomas Becket and the local Chinese restaurant to celebrate our topic on China and the Chinese New Year. In the summer Term we usually go to the zoo or Leeds Castle.


Mrs Brogan-Jones (Year 2 Teacher)