Year 5

In Prep 5, the children are entering their final phase at Spring Grove. They have to work hard to prepare themselves for the next step in their education, whether this is for 11+ entry to grammar school, for entrance exams to independent schools, or for a local state school. The English lessons are taught by Mrs Rafferty and the Maths by Mr Dankert.

We offer a lot of support for children who are considering sitting the Kent Test. They have one lesson a week, one prep a week, and the option to take part in an after-school 11+ club. All of this helps them to gain confidence and technique, giving them the best possible chance when they come to sit the test. However, we recognise the value of a wide and varied curriculum, and a stimulating clubs and sports programme in the school.

As they enter the top part of the school they begin to take a leading role in sports teams, guided and supported by the Prep 6 children. It is their opportunity to show off their capabilities and strive to gain colours for their talents in music, art and sport.

In Prep 5 and 6 the children take part in the ‘Spring Grove Challenge Award Scheme’. This programme is designed to encourage the children to take responsibility, showcasing their talents and commitment in a wide range of areas, both in school and out. They are awarded credits for exceptional work, service around the school, sporting or musical achievements, and any occasion where they have acted in a way that was above and beyond expectations. When they have gained 10 credits, in a variety of areas they are awarded a bronze challenge badge. For 20 credits they gain a silver award, and for outstanding pupils there is the opportunity to gain a gold award if they have achieved 30 credits over the two years.

Another exciting part of life in Prep 5 is the trip to the Château in France. Spring Grove have been taking Prep 5 students to the Château for many years, and every year they come back saying what a wonderful time they have had. It is fantastic for their progress in French as the staff at the Château speak to them in French throughout the week, and insist that they speak as much French as possible, especially at meal times. It is also a great experience for them, as for many it is their first time staying away from home, and it is a time for them to grow and take some responsibility for themselves. All in all Prep 5 is a very important year, with a good mix of hard work and fun. In the words of one of the children: “it’s quite a grown-up year but it’s also lots of fun, and you get to do the SG Challenge!”


Mr Dankert (Prep 5)