Reception have an amazing time at the Julie Rose Stadium


The Reception Trip to the Julie Rose stadium was an energetic event where the children experienced a range of exercises and discussed how to stay healthy.

They had a wonderful time at the Stadium and were particularly excited about their ride on the mini bus and eating their packed lunches! 

JulieRose06  JulieRose04  JulieRose13  JulieRose20  JulieRose24

JulieRose25  JulieRose28 JulieRose11 JulieRose27  JulieRose28  JulieRose29

Testing our Taste Buds

Today the Reception children put their taste buds to the test to explore bitter, sour, salty and sweet flavours.  This follows our learning about the senses, ourselves and keeping healthy. We had lots of fun trying the different food, especially the lemon! 

TasteTest1   TasteTest2  

TasteTest3   TasteTest4

TasteTest5  TasteTest6

TasteTest7   TasteTest8

Nursery Summer Outing

Nursery enjoyed their summer outing to the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway and then a picnic on the beach at Littlestone.   The children were very excited about our coach ride to Hythe and ride on the train to New Romney where we disembarked and then enjoyed a play in the playground and a visit to the museum to see the miniature trains.   As the cry went up of “is it time for lunch” we rejoined the coach and headed to the beach where we enjoyed sandy sandwiches and then a play on the beach.  Thank you to all of the parents who accompanied us and to the children who behaved impeccably.


3D Shapes

Reception were faced with a real challenge recently: could they make 3d shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows……and resist eating them! 

It was a fanatic problem solving activity and the children all worked hard, it was quite fiddly and required some super concentration!


3d shapes 2     3D shapes 3

3d Shapes 4      3d shapes 6

3D shapes 5      3d shapes 2