School Traditions

A-Great-Place-to-Grow-Spring-Grove-School-Wye-Kent-Image-6Jelly the Giraffe

First there was Gerry, but he had an accident and had to be retired. His younger cousin, Jelly, replaced him. Now Jelly is the giraffe awarded to the House that earns the greatest number of stars week by week, and at the end of term in Final Assembly. There is intense competition as points or stars can be awarded for examples of excellent citizenship as well as pieces of fine work.

Hats and Caps

The famous blue hats and caps worn by the children are no longer a compulsory item of school uniform. However, we have retained a large number of hats and caps and we use these on special public occasions, for example when we go carol singing in Canterbury at Christmas time.

Letters to Father Christmas

One of the great traditions enjoyed by our youngest children is being able to take their letters to Santa to the Head, who owns a direct hotline to the Christmas visitor via his fireplace! In a magical setting the children read out their letters which are then sent up the chimney to the waiting sleigh. 

MAD Trip

M-A-D stands for ‘Make A Difference’. Those who help each other are praised and identified as MAD! At the end of term, the MAD winners are rewarded with a special treat – a trip to Chilham Castle, 10-pin bowling, a visit to an ice cream parlour or a chance to feed the lambs.

House System 

Chaucer, Austen, Dickens and Conrad – four writers with a strong Kent connection – are our House names. All of the Years 1-6 children and teachers belong to one of the Houses, and a wide variety of House events offer opportunities for all children, whatever their age, to get to know each other.

House Entertainments

This annual event showcases the talent of all of our children (and even the staff!) as they put aside lessons for one day and put together their own short cabaret presentations, which they perform to each other and the parents. The older children offer the ideas and help to choreograph what can turn out to be hilarious and memorable shows.


Music has become a strong feature of the school, with the majority of children receiving some kind of extra music tuition in addition to regular class music lessons and all-school singing. The basis of our love of music is community singing. Singalongs, including traditional folk and daft comedy songs, have become one of the highlights of the end of each term.

Parents’ Camp Night

Just imagine! A beautiful summer’s evening. A barbecue. A glass of wine. Spring Grove families arrive at school for a one-night camp on the school playing fields. A variety of tents and motor homes are coralled into a circle around a massive camp fire. This is a night not to be missed!

Ad Alta Prae Clara

Our Latin motto (from high to excellent) – correctly written it should be praeclara – is an inspirational encouragement to Springgrovians past and present.  Its English counterpart “Always Do Your Best!” rounds off our school prayer and is a reminder to everyone to persevere and practise.